Seiji Yamaguchi
Creator of ‘The Seiji Collection’

Ever since a young age I’ve had the desire to create something of my own and follow in my parent’s entrepreneurial footsteps, it was basically in my genes. At the age of 13, I can recall starting an interest in makeup; watching makeup tutorials hours on end and then rushing to the closest store and gathering all the products used to complete the desired ‘look’. Unfortunately, all the effort didn’t necessarily go as smoothly as anticipated.

As young as I can remember, I’ve struggled with skin issues whether that be eczema or just hypersensitive skin, it hindered me in many ways. Naturally, when I came to an age where makeup became an interest, I began to experiment. All of the makeup I would put on my skin would ignite a reaction. After researching ways to cure my sensitive skin I discovered the benefit of keeping a close eye on products’ ingredients. It became exhausting reading the ‘rock science’- like ingredient list just to purchase a simple primer… There began the idea of creating the collection’s first product, makeup. I wanted a line where I did not have to bet my luck every time I put on makeup or settle with makeup that differed so differently than classic brand makeup.

The second edition of ‘The Seiji Collection’ is the candle line. The creation was focused heavily on the spirituality aspect they hold. Candles for many years have been used for prayer, meditation or just simply setting an ambiance. I find it intriguing how something so simple can have so much significance across cultures.

What divides this candle collection from others is the multifaceted asset it has as well as the aromatherapy detail. Each candle contains its own crystal and aromas pertaining to a specific emotion. At the age of 15 I participated in a school speech class where I was required to speak about something I was passionate about, I chose the effect that littering has on our environment. Whilst making this product I found it necessary to do my part in global warming prevention and make a candle that 1. Used natural ingredients and 2. is reusable. Besides the obvious uses, my candle whilst hard can be used as an eau de toilette and once ignited the oil can be used as a massage oil or moisturizer. Once the candle is finished, the crystal is left containing all the prayers and thoughts gathered over time. The container also is able to be repurposed as a cup, pencil holder, etc. The special aromas and crystals are tailored to the emotion the candle is meant to invoke.


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