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Beauty Salon Ventura

Beauty Salon Ventura

Beauty, health, and well-being are all part of your spiritual and physical fitness. Your beauty can be enhanced with the use of feng shui practices that will give balance to your entire being. Our spa and beauty salon in Ventura utilizes the ancient art of feng shui to help express your personal power and inner beauty. We offer a wide array of services and experiences to improve your beauty and confidence.

Discover Your Inner Beauty

Fire, earth, metal, water, and wood are the elements in the ancient art of feng shui. When you determine which element you are you can unlock your beauty secrets. You will be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life and you will learn how to best express your beauty. Feng shui isn't a trend or a fad; it's a way of life that has been in practice for more than 40 centuries.

Each of the elements is an identifier. It gives others a good idea of the type of personality traits you have and the lifestyle that you enjoy. The element is utilized along with the shape of your face and your body type to create a look that is ideal for you. At our beauty salon in Ventura, we can enhance your best features to match your inner beauty.

Our team of design experts will harmonize and balance your hair and makeup with your personal style using the principles of feng shui. We were the first salon to integrate feng shui with contemporary beauty techniques.

Feng Shui Energy

Each of the elements has a different meaning in feng shui. The goal of our beauty salon in Ventura is to balance the energy so that you will have a beautiful and happy life. People with fire energy are passionate and artistic. They enjoy creativity and trendy fashion.

People with earth energy are intuitive and nurturing. They are natural beauties who like serenity and who truly care for others. Those with metal energy are disciplined, consistent and organized. They are classic beauties who are often leaders.

Those with water energy are spiritual and inspirational. They often chic and often innovative yet sassy and may be considered visionaries. People with wood energy are social and active people who enjoy competition. They may be casual and optimistic and are born leaders.

You may possess some qualities of all the elements but your true energy element is determined based on your birth year. Your element helps to give you guidance in all areas of your life. For example, some colors look best on certain people based on their birth element.

Once we determine your energy element we can use this information to bring out the best in your beauty. We will create a hairstyle that is best for the shape of your face and your lifestyle. Then, we use the same techniques to create a makeup look that best suits your personality. You will enjoy your beauty experience at our beauty salon in Ventura. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Beauty Salon Ventura

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beauty salon ventura

Beauty Salon Ventura

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Beauty Salon Ventura
Beauty Salon Ventura


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