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Korean day spa los angeles

Korean day spa los angeles

Stop by Grand Spa’s Korean day spa in Los Angeles and receive royal treatment any time of the day or night. Grand Spa never closes, so you can enjoy a fabulous body scrub massage at midnight or a beauty facial in the afternoon. It’s never too late or early to make plans to visit the most popular spa in LA.

If you’ve been searching for a spa that offers all of the high end services you’ve come to expect in LA without having to pay those high end prices, you’ll love the Korean day spa in Los Angeles. Grand Spa caters to both men and women with gender-exclusive services. Their spa packages are an affordable way to take advantage of everything Grand Spa has to offer.

Admission to Grand Spa is only $15 in the daytime and $25 at night. Purchase ticket packages to save money on the cost of admission. If you should decide on body or skin care, you’ll enjoy free admission during the daytime hours. Take a closer look at the Body Care packages available at Grand Spa:

- $30 Body Scrub
- $70 Free Admission Scrub & Mineral Oil Massage
- $85 Free Admission Scrub & Honey Milk Massage
- $85 Free Admission Scrub & Aroma Salt with Oil Massage
- $85 Free Admission Scrub & Green Tea Massage
- $100 Free Admission Scrub & Aroma Massage
- $130 Free Admission Scrub & Pure Gold Gel Massage
- $130 Free Admission Scrub & Pineapple Sugar Massage
- $200 Free Admission Indiba Body Care

Skin care is quite popular at Grand Spa’s Korean day spa in Los Angeles; in fact is’s the second most popular service after massage. With Skin Care services, you’ll receive free admission to Grand Spa:

- $70 Regular Facial Massage
- $90 Special Facial with Vitamin C
- $120 Modeling Mask
- $120 Facial Crystal or AHA Feeling
- $120 Facial Lifting
- $150 Stem Cells
- $150 Indiba

Take advantage of one of the lesser-known spa treatments available from Grand Spa, like their Kyung-Rak Massage that is just $70 for a facial and $150 for facial & body treatment. A Kyung-Rak Massage will do well to flush your system of toxins and can help you achieve a slimmer look. Kyung-Rak Massage to the face has traditionally been known to create the V-shaped jawline and facial design most women dream of.

Men and women alike love the Swedish Massage at Grand Spa. A 1-hour Swedish Massage is only $70 at the Korean day spa in Los Angeles, with free admission in the day time. You’ll leave Grand Spa after a Swedish Massage looking and feeling amazing- and we are certain you’ll be back for another session soon.

Try a 1 month, 6 month or 1 year membership at Grand Spa and save money on admission. A 1 month membership is only $200 and features unlimited admission to the place locals consider to be the best Korean day spa in Los Angeles. Check out their complete services menu on the GrandSpaLA.com website to discover what you’ve been missing out on.

Korean day spa los angeles

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Korean day spa los angeles Korean day spa los angeles


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