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Home Health Utah

Home Health Utah

Valeo Home Health & Hospice is a trusted agency for hospice care, palliative care, and home health services. We offer a wide range of skilled nursing services under hospice home health in Utah.

How do I select a hospice facility?

In several cases, a hospice care facility becomes the place where older adults and patients suffering from terminal illnesses spend their final days. It is important to choose a facility that offers you with the best quality care and medical help in a home-like environment. Here are some tips on how to select a hospice facility:

  • Regardless of the prognosis of your condition, choose a facility that has the best clinical and non-clinical staff to aid in treatment and therapies.
  • Choose a facility that offers skilled nursing facilities, wound care, medications management, and has the best home aides to assist you in everyday activities.
  • Make sure to join a facility that offers modern amenities and make sure to discuss any out-of-pocket expenses that you may incur during your stay.

Lastly, choose a hospice home health in Utah that maintains utmost hygiene and offers medical care and support in a serene environment. We also have caseworkers, spiritual counselors, and therapists to offer emotional and spiritual guidance to patients to help them embrace reality.

Choosing a home care agency

It is imperative to choose a hospice care provider that best meets your medical needs. Choose a hospice care agency that is Medicare-certified, in case you choose to pay for your costs through Medicare. Furthermore, when you choose a certified facility, you can be sure that they follow the highest standards and offer the best quality care. 

Talk to other patients who currently receive care from a hospice provider and their families to get a clear picture of their quality of care. Lastly, make sure to choose a hospice facility that offers medical supervision and access to clinical staff 24/7 a day, all seven days in a week. 

Eligibility requirement for hospice care

All seniors and patients suffering from long term or terminal illness can seek help from hospice care. However, if you wish to claim Medicare or Medicaid to pay for hospice care, you must comply by the following eligibility requirement:

  • You must have a diagnosis of a terminal illness or a life-limiting condition, where you have only six months or less to live
  • You must have evidence for frequent hospitalizations in the past six months
  • Progressive decline in weight
  • Progressive increase in fatigue, weakness, and lethargy
  • Deteriorating cognitive and functional abilities
  • Difficulty in managing everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, continence, etc
  • Frequent episodes of infections

Furthermore, patients who have AIDS, certain types of cancer, cerebral vascular accident (CVA) or Stroke, etc. qualify for hospice care more easily. Make sure to check your policy information or call the hospice care facility for more details on payment options and your eligibility.

Call or visit the Valeo Home Health & Hospice today for more details on our hospice home health in Utah. We offer physical therapy, medication management, intravenous therapy, and so much more as a part of our home health services.

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Home Health Utah Home Health Utah


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