Drug And Alcohol Intervention

Drug And Alcohol Intervention

Often, a drug and alcohol intervention involves supporters coming together to try and convince an addicted loved one to accept professional help. During the intervention, family members, friends, and even colleagues show the person that it's possible to overcome their addiction in a top rehab. It's not unusual for your loved one to ignore your pleas in an intervention, and that's where we come in. At Addiction Interventions, our expert interventionists can maximize your chances of a successful intervention.

Our Role in Orchestrating Drug and Alcohol Interventions

If your loved one has refused to acknowledge their drug or alcohol use is out of control, our intervention specialist can step in and help jumpstart their healing journey. It's important to understand that the person you love is unwilling to get addiction treatment for several reasons. They might:

  • Not believe they're addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Be worried that admitting to having a substance use problem could interfere with their work
  • Be scared of legal consequences if they confess to using illegal drugs

Regardless, you may have noticed some signs of addiction and the adverse effects substance use has on their life and desire to help a loved one overcome addiction. By enlisting our services, you can make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Our drug and alcohol intervention programs can aid you in

  • Voicing your concerns about someone close to you
  • Resolving fears that can be preventing your loved one from seeking help
  • Building a foundation to help them on their sobriety journey

How Our Intervention Services Work

At Addiction Interventions, we're passionate about assisting people looking to help their addicted loved ones. Once you get in touch with us, we'll work with you to carry out a pre-intervention assessment. From there, we'll book a consultation day with supporters so we can further gain insights into your loved one's addiction.

Our addiction intervention specialist will show you how to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention. They'll provide solutions you might not have thought of for your intervention. We can also develop a plan of action that will involve enrolling your loved one in the best rehab.

On the day of the intervention, our experienced interventionist will be there to guide you from start to finish. We can also become the intervention mediator when required. The chosen supporters will have a chance to address your loved one about their detrimental behaviors during the intervention. It's important to note that effective interventions are dynamic. For this reason, we'll use a gentle and proactive approach during the intervention rather than resorting to surprises or threats when addressing the addicted person. We'll all address your loved one with understanding while clearly outlining the consequences should they decline to go to rehab.

Top-Of-The-Line Intervention Services

If you're wondering how to do an intervention for a loved one, we're here for you. At Addiction Interventions, we offer world-class, evidence-based drug and alcohol intervention services. Our goal is to get the person you love to accept the treatment they need to overcome their addiction. Speak with an addiction intervention specialist now: 866-584-2525.

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Drug And Alcohol Intervention Drug And Alcohol Intervention



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