Arm wax colorado springs

Arm wax colorado springs

The Waxing Bee is the best place to go for affordable arm wax in Colorado Springs. Our prices are simple, straight-forward, and arm wax prices are as follows:

  • $10 wax per underarm
  • Full arm wax of both of arms $40 (underarms included)

As a man or a woman, having too much hair on the arms is unsightly and can affect your self-esteem. Often, at the Waxing Bee, we deal with clients who wear long-sleeve shirts all year long - even in the summer season! In a vain attempt to hide their unattractive arm hair, many people endure extreme discomfort, presumably because the discomfort of being hot is more comfortable than the discomfort of having someone's eyes on their hairy arms. The Waxing Bee is proud of the work we do as it helps people feel better themselves, feel more confident, and be more socially outgoing.

Waxing is Much Better Than Shaving

Across the globe, more people are opting for waxing as a form of arm hair removal as opposed to shaving. There are more advantages to waxing than shaving, and with prices so low, why not get your arms done once a month!? For one, waxing lasts longer than shaving does, and it looks and feels better. There are other reasons why choosing arm wax over arm shaving makes sense. Let's consider a few of the reasons.

Waxing Removes Dead Skin Cells Whereas Shaving Doesn't

When you wax your entire arms and underarms, not only do you get rid of your unwanted hair, but you will also exfoliate your skin. The wax helps slough away dead skin cells, revealing soft and smooth skin in a matter of minutes. We all know how important it is to exfoliate regularly, but many of us simply do not have the time to do so.

While many people exfoliate their faces, the hands, arms, legs, and other places on the body often get neglected. When you wax your arms and remove the dead cells, your skin will look and feel more beautiful and pampered. Plus, waxing is a more sanitary and healthy solution than shaving is.

Waxing the Arms is Faster than Shaving

Because we provide speedy and thorough waxing services, many of our clients seeking arm wax in Colorado Springs come in on their lunch breaks or incorporate a quick trip to our office while they're running their errands. Plus, shaving arms can get tricky. You could easily miss spots, knick yourself, and it's always a tense moment whenever you're running a razor over your underarms. A slight change in the razor's angle can cause cuts. It's easier to get your arms waxed, and waxing gives you better, quicker, and safer results.

Choose the Waxing Bee for Arm Wax in Colorado Springs

Arm waxing can be in two ways. Usually, we use molten wax or ready-made wax strips. A ready-made wax strip is applied to over the hair on the arm and pulled off. With molten wax, basically the same idea applies, but hot wax is placed over the unwanted hair first to soften the hair so it pulls easier.

To schedule your first appointment at the Waxing Bee, give us a call or send us an email today. For arm wax in Colorado Springs that's quick, easy, and affordable, there is no alternative!

Arm wax colorado springs
The Waxing Bee
Arm wax colorado springs
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E
Colorado Springs CO 80917

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Arm wax colorado springs Arm wax colorado springs


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